Web Design course in Bangladesh

Web Design course in Bangladesh

Master Design offers you the best web design course in Bangladesh. People who don't know about web design technology, they must know that web design has various prospects. You can do wonders if you know how to design a nice website.
It is a great fact that, Bangladesh has huge workforce and it will be a great benefit for the Bangladeshi economy if quality and standard professionals can be developed through comprehensive real life practical job oriented Website Design training. Even, most of the IT firm in Bangladesh relies on foreign workers for their technological consultation and also for implementation; which is slowing down our economic growth in this emerging world. It therefore has become very essential to develop skilled manpower in order to promote more businesses to attract foreign investment even to produce high quality products. These Thinks encouraged us to establish Master Design Professional Training Institute. So, we will work on this concerned field to help to the educated but unemployed; also to help to the professionals to develop their professionalism and establish their careers.

Importance of Web Design Course

To be an IT Professional, Training is a most Important Step. As Training Center in Bangladesh –Master Design Can Provide you most useful and realistic Training Courses that helps you become a real professional in your professional Life. Our Web Design Training Courses Cover full the Basic and Advances Training in this Course. Our Company gives all exercises elements and take the exam to endure, how much our students learn. We have an epic list of Training Courses to find your own. If you don't know where you start, ask our expert IT Course consultant to help you find your way.

There is no other better way to make money fast and quicker as possible rather than outsourcing and freelancing. Our Professional Web Design Course in Bangladesh is built to make sure you learn everything there is to know about the Web Designing sector. Our Web Design course is structured for all types of people starting from students and employed office workers to unemployed workers and also people with no basic web knowledge. Creativity in this field can take you as far as you want. Sitting at home and having full control over your financial situation is what all people want and Web Design is a great start. The importance of professional web design in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Nowadays, the professional web designer and developer is a demanded career in Bangladesh and also world wide, which is clearly known to everyone in Bangladesh. Master Design's Web Design Course in Bangladesh is designed for those who are new to web designing and also for those who already have their hands on it. This certification program or course will provide participants with theories, tools, processes, competencies & practice needed to become a professional web designer in Bangladesh.

Master Design's Web Design Course in Bangladesh has started with professional web designers who are already involved with various IT related works. Master Design's Web Design Course in Bangladesh is structured for a variety of audiences with different kind of levels. This course is necessary for them who want to become a professional web designer in Bangladesh. There does not need any previous experience. Master Design's Web Design Course in Bangladesh is one of the most popular Web Design Course in Bangladesh. The basic requirement for a student to take up this course is to have a strong desire to have a career as a professional web designer in Bangladesh. Master Design is a recognized and well-known institute for professional Web Design course in Bangladesh. As a programming language is not essential to make the web design causing to its fully dependence on the one's passion and creativity. Google Webmaster is remaining for concentrate with coding; hence the vast area of web designing freelancing job markets has no competitor about the web designer. Master Design is a renowned IT firm in Bangladesh aimed and working hard to develop the position of Bangladesh in the Web Technology. After this moment, if anyone needs to take a Professional Web Design course in Bangladesh, then Master Design is the most trusted place to get training from real experts.

Our Website Design Course Content

Nowadays every company needs a professional web designer. Well, should have every company with a website needs a professional web designer, but why a web designer is so much important and needed everywhere? What is the importance of a professional web designer in Bangladesh? There are Many different factors term and condition come into play when we deal with web design including functionality, conversions, aesthetics, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All of these play hand-in-hand with each other. We want to say with Sadly, that, they don't always work well when all thrown together. That's why in Bangladesh the importance professional web designer is increasing day by day, absolutely no doubt about that. Master Design's Web Design Course in Bangladesh is designed to make anyone as a professional web designer. Master Design's Web Design Course in Bangladesh Course Outline involves HTML which is the Core Part of Web and Internet. You will be able to know the uses of HTML Tags, implementing HTML Tags as per their requirement, advance HTML Practices along with Tips and Tricks for best usage, design an HTML site with a NotePad, using of NotePad++ and Dreamweaver. Then we can talk about Cascading Stylesheet which helps us for styling the Pages. This course includes the basics of Color Code, Measuring Units and Layouts in CSS, Stylesheet to Control Web pages centrally and advanced stylesheet practices.

You will also be capable of writing JavaScript codes which handles client side scripting. This involves all the Basic Concept of Client Side Programming, Common Usages of JavaScript with HTML, jQuery (Plug-in and the widget), Concept and Basics of jQuery and jQuery for Designers as well as for a professional web designer. Also learn how to operate Dream Weaver and Other HTML Editors. Learn how to Design a template by DreamWeaver, know about using a system of DreamWeaver. Also learn the HTML Editor's Basic Concept. What about WordPress? Yes, there's Wordpress and Other CMS as well to let you know the WordPress for Beginners, WordPress Theme Customization, Basic WordPress Plugin Development and WordPress Theme Development.

Do you have interest in web design? What is web design? Web design is that skill which taken in various kinds of skills and regulations. It's hugely used for the preservation and conservation of the websites. There are lots of varieties in web design which take in graphic design, software, user experience design or SEO which is known as search engine optimization. There are many people who work as a team just for maintaining a good work which is generally used in designs. Sometimes only one individual can do the task too. Web design is a part of web engineering and also web development. Web designers remain advanced and try to keep pace with the modern world. Consequently privileges are really very much expected to them.

Are you fascinated by web designing? Do you want to learn it? Then pay attention to the article. There are many web design courses available in Bangladesh. Let me tell you about them. For example there's a web design training center in Bangladesh named Master Design BD who offers a web design course. They are providing you with HTML, CSS, Graphics, Java, Flash, Use of Cpanel and Dreamweaver. You are going to attend 2 months of classes and 2 classes each week. The previous name old this institute was Earningbd which was the principal outsourcing training provider in our country. They will give a lot of facilities like experience web design instructors, genuine and actual projects, good quality class rooms which take in projector and air conditioner, a reliable technical support all the time, tutorials for learning better and ideas for getting work from worldwide.

Let's talk about another professional training center which is named as Master Design BD. It's a renowned training institute in Bangladesh since the year 2009. It supplies various kinds of IT programs. As a result you will be able to gain money from home without going anywhere! Awesome, isn't it? They offer web design training which consists of HTML 4.0, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3 and DIV based web design, Java Script, Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, Joomla and Macromedia Dreamweaver and many more. The training period is for three months. The figure of sitting session is fourteen which means 14 into 3 hours in actual fact. There's another institute named Creative IT Courses. They offer you graphics crash course which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Flash. There's a course named professional graphics course which also includes the same topics. But the duration is more than the graphics crash course and it's more sophisticated as it's for professionals. They also provide diploma in graphic design and it's just for one year. After the great course you will be capable enough to work as a graphic designer, creative director, visualize, web designer, web animator, UI creator, multimedia and flash artist or as an illustrator.

webdesign course

Course Content

Chapter One:

  1. HTML5 History
  2. What is Html5?
  3. Real Object Thinking in Web Development [*]
  4. Anatomy of HTML [*]

Chapter Two:

  1. HTML5 New Elements

[article, aside, bdi, details, dialog, figcaption, figure, footer, header, hgroup, main, mark, menuitem, menu, nav, rp, rt, ruby, section, summary, time, wbr, audio, canvas, embed, map, math, source, svg, track, video, datalist, keygen, meter, output, progress]

  1. What is Comment in HTML?
  2. What is DOCTYPE in HTML?
  3. What is Meta Charset, Meta Tags?
  4. Handling Metadata with <meta> [*]

Chapter Three:

  1. My First Web Page.
  2. Edit a Web Page.
  3. Introduction Common Tags of HTML.
  4. Working with Table Tag.

Chapter Four:

  1. HTML Links.
  2. Adding Links, Images, and Other Media.
  3. HTML Images.
  4. Creating Web-Friendly Images.
  5. Formatting Text
  6. Paragraphs
  7. Headings

Chapter Five:

  1. Controlling Text Blocks
  2. Block quotes
  3. Preformatted text
  4. Horizontal rules

Chapter Six:

  1. Numbered lists
  2. Bulleted lists
  3. Definition lists
  4. Nesting lists
  5. HTML5 Layout Tags with Example-

[header, nav, main, aside, section, footer]

Chapter Seven:

  1. HTML5  Navigation Tags with Example-

[menuitem, menu, nav]

  1. HTML5 Format and Alignment Tags with Example-

[article, bdi, details]
Chapter Eight:

  1. HTML5 Format and Alignment Tags with Example-

[figcaption, figure, hgroup, mark, rp, rt, ruby, summary, wbr, mark]

Chapter Nine:

  1. HTML5 Media and Graphics Tags with Example-

[audio, source,  svg, track, video, progress]

Chapter Ten:

  1. HTML5 Form Elements-

[form, formaction, formenctype, formmethod, input, textarea, label, fieldset, legend, select, option, optgroup, datalist, keygen, output]

Chapter Eleven:

  1. Input Attributes with Validation-

[autofocus, height and width, min and max, multiple, pattern (regxp), placeholder, require, step, pattern]

Chapter Twelve:

  1. HTML5 Media and Graphics and Others Tags with Example-

[canvas, embed, meter, command, time]

Chapter Thirteen:

  1. HTML5 Geolocation
  2. HTML5 Drag and Drop
  3. Web Storage
  4. HTML5 Video Dom
  5. Application Cache

Chapter Fourteen:

  1. CSS History
  2. What is CSS?
  3. CSS Syntax
  4. CSS Selectors
  5. CSS type and links
  6. Styling Background, Text, Fonts, Links, List, Table, Border, Float, Padding

Chapter Fifteen

  1. History of CSS3
  2. CSS3 Navigation
  3. CSS3 Borders
  4. CSS3 Backgrounds

Chapter Sixteen:

  1. CSS3 Fonts
  2. CSS3 Multiple Columns
  3. CSS3 Text Effects

Chapter Seventeen:

  1. CSS3 Gradients
  2. CSS Image Gallery

Chapter Eighteen:

  1. CSS3 Transition Effects

Chapter Nineteen:

  1. CSS3 User Interface
  2. CSS3 2D Transform

Chapter Twenty:

  1. CSS3 3D Transform
  2. CSS3 Animation

Chapter Twenty One:

  1. What is Bootstrap
  2. Installation of Bootstrap
  3. File Structure of Bootstrap
  4. Global Settings
  5. Bootstrap Grid System
  6. Fluid grid system

Chapter Twenty Two:

  1. Layouts
  2. Responsive design
  3. Typography
  4. Tables
  5. Forms
  6. Buttons

Chapter Twenty Three:

  1. Images
  2. Icon/Glyphicons
  3. Typography
  4. Tables
  5. Forms
  6. Buttons

Chapter Twenty Four:

  1. Dropdowns
  2. Button Group
  3. Button Dropdowns
  4. Navs and Navbar
  5. Label and Badges
  6. Alert

Chapter Twenty Five:

  1. Bootstrap Modal
  2. Tooltip
  3. Popover
  4. Button
  5. Collapse
  6. Carousel

Total Class: 18
Per Class: 2 Hours
Per Week: 3 Classes
Course Fee: 10000Tk. 6000T.