PHP Laravel Training course in Bangladesh

Laravel Training course bangladesh

We offer the Professional and in-depth Laravel Training in Bangladesh. Master Design offers you all job oriented and full professional Laravel training course in Dhaka, Bangladesh. PHP Framework Laravel Training is a new and important addition in our PHP Industrial training for Bangladeshi program because it is the most popular PHP Framework over the world. We think if anyone wants to build their career in PHP programmer, he should learn this Framework.

We are the Best Institute for Laravel Training course in Bangladesh

  • We Provide the best Laravel training in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Our Laravel training course in Dhaka is based on Professional and Practical Live Projects
  • Master Design provide job assurance guarantee after completing our Course.
  • We provide training for Interview for the purpose of job in Laravel
  • Master Design allows provide the latest course outline
  • Now we provide Laravel 5 Training

Who is Eligibility for our Laravel Training Course in Bangladesh?

  • You should have basic knowledge of PHP and Mysql
  • Also Should have knowledge of basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming(OOP)
  • Should have Practical project in php

All of we know Laravel is an open source PHP based web application framework. It based on Model View Controller (MVC) architecture is used in building dynamic websites and high quality web applications also E-commerce and some major software. According to our and php based some organizations  latest survey Laravel is more popular PHP Web Framework than  Phalcon, Symfony , CodeIgniter and others. You May glad to know like 1st world country laravel is popular in Bangladesh.
The  Laravel training course is offered to those students who are familiar and expert with HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, PHP Basics and Object oriented Programming (OOP) concepts in PHP. And Those who are not expert with HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, PHP Basics and Object oriented Programming (OOP) concepts in PHP they can join our basic web design and development course before taking our Laravel 5 training course. And when you will properly gather more knowledge about php then you can admit in laravel course.
Master Design have a team of Expert and experienced web developers they are professionally worked in PHP laravel Framework . Their friendly and helpful under their guidance the students are able to get adept with Laravel and also able to develop dynamic website, web applications, and software by using Laravel Framework. We design Our Laravel training course is well structured and prearranged as per the requirement of latest trends and techniques in modern Web development Industry in Bangladesh.
The course outline of Laravel Training Course:

  1. Getting started with laravel 5
  2. Laravel 5 MVC
  3. Laravel 5 routing
  4. Installing Composer and command line tool
  5. Blade essentials
  6. Resource controllers
  7. Laravel 5 Route groups and Filters
  8. Working with database
  9. Eloquent CRUD
  10. Laravel 5 query builder
  11. Eloquent relations
  12. Laravel 5 Migrations
  13. Laravel 5 Database seeding
  14. Forms and validations
  15. Setting up laravel form
  16. Validating a form
  17. Creating Admin Post Resource
  18. Creating a front end
  19. Setting up the blog
  20. Securing the admin panel
  21. Handling Routing
  22. Establishing an HTML view
  23. Creating tables with schema Builder
  24. Enabling version control with migrations
  25. Querying with eloquent ORM
  26. Displaying Laravel code
  27. Working with Blade templating
  28. Defining  conditions
  29. Integrating  form elements
  30. Setting up authentication
  31. Creating a registration form
  32. Securing content
  33. Testing Laravel code
  34. Setting up PHP Unit
  35. Running a intial test
  36. Handling framework assertions
  37. Building a Laravel application
  38. Authenticating users in laravel application
  39. Deploying Laravel code in application

After completing this training course our students will be able to get placed in top class Web Development companies based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Our course Duration

24 Hours Clint Support for Web Design Service

Discussions are held all the time for better understanding of the client's needs and after that the design process commences. Considering various statements, we offer many kinds of packages so that our client doesn't have to any trouble to choose the best one among them. Higher traffic and improved rankings can be obtained by using our amazing services. You just need to stick with us during the whole time. We provide the clients with a paramount and a preeminent web design service that everybody loves. We are experts in web design and that's why there are so many small and medium businesses that choose only us among separate companies. Feel free to contact us anytime and mostly welcome to our web design company in Bangladesh.

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