Facebook Advertising Service in BD

Your business organization, product or service, including Facebook ads can help us to publish through the popular online. We can easily picture the system will reach a million visitors.

As the country’s first online our experience we can say that more than anyone else. International service quality, elegant Ad Prepare the suitable use of the inexpensive advice, estimable reporting, Facebook application, making the accomplishment of the signatures of all the cases we have left.
Facebook ads bd
If you are interested in advertising, please check the details from the phone before the Facebook Tab. Thank you for visiting our website.


How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?


– One dollar per day (or the older ones) without cost if you can promote your business on Facebook have your own AdWords account. Promotion will be more than the financial plan, and the consequences will be better. Click on the number of the daily cost of $ 5 will (or will be shown every time) the results of the cost of $ 50 will be more than ten times. Click over the (like) usually increases proportionately. Corporate business because of the superiority of the services has to do with my low budget set. Low budget with the help of my Facebook promotions:

Every dollar (CAD) to charge me for the cost of Rs 100

Minimum Budget 3000 (CAD $ 30 will be spent)

Daily minimum Budget 1000 (CAD $ 10)

That will cost you to add experimentally 3000. With a maximum of three days, which can be promoted? Add money to your budget can be increased at any time during. For your convenience there is a sense of the budget

Facebook ads cost

Picture is estimated to cost?

Add the two options is making. Convenient billing options from which you can choose.

Estimates click (CPC): When a Facebook user clicks on your advertisement at www.masterdesignbd.com see, then Facebook will charge.

Imprisoner estimates (CPM): Facebook, how many times did you add those as well. Money-digit numbers are very small, because it is calculated per 1000 imprisoned.

Iterations my Ad in Facebook?

– It is scheduled to Facebook own rules. Click click on the 5000 budget will be approximately 700-1000. As per 1 thousand times show Ad 1 and will be shown.

Add how long?

– The duration of the promotion is to say from our admin panel. Were given the time and budget, Facebook smart algorithm tries to spend the budget in the period. It may sometimes happen that the budget money was spent in the same period. Or the end of time before the budget was out of money. Promotion of these two cases will be closed. The matter is very low (5% or less). When I do not refund any excess money.

Understand how much money is spent or how many saw?

Ad day copies of the report will be sent to the e-mail. Ad can be seen during the live report. At the end of the reporting mail is sent.

Many of these services are more like you. Why do you service?

We Are the first Facebook (007, December). In fact, we were the first couple of years the only Facebook. Facebook only limit of our country has the biggest budget to run ads. We run daily, which can add up to $ 5000 to increase further our ideas soon. The other information is not open to us. How much money can you expect from us in return for all that have tried to be clear here. Others did not mean to call the information. Furthermore, if you have any questions you can contact us. Facebook is trying to provide this service, low prices, we know how to run the ads, the choice is yours. We have no artificial package. We, like others in the pages of ‘like’ will be on the same number of contracts or agreements not have been interrupting. We will continue normally. Naturally you’ll have to click on the or like. There is no question of any kind of manipulation. The reason may be that some of our services:


First Online advertiser in the country (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) since 2007

Professional Service

Detailed and transparent reporting

No unrealistic commitment

No contract on “Like”

Campaign consultancy

100% happy history

During the Ad to meet with me to verify my report can go to see a live report. After finishing the campaign deleted since it is not possible to do so later this facility.


To verify the service I would like to add the 3000 minimum. This is what I get paid?


– Facebook of your own ads, the picture and the next day for a 30 dollar credit reports punning.

I would like to add 00 dollars. I wonder what will be for 3 days. Now this is not to add 3 days for 10 days if you do more than anything to do / like to get?

benifits of fb ads

Newspaper advertising as long as we see more people, not just as Facebook ads. It will be shown according to your budget. Budget is stretched to keep the number of days, the daily show the rates will be reduced. 3 days to 00 dollars you gave 20000 20000then 10 days will bring. Increasing the time and cost picture per day or less, there is no advantage. You’re spending money as the total, according to the results. Ad of the day let the low or high, the results remain the same.


Facebook to show ads formula:

Ad means = (budget / time) X Quality Score is


Increasing budget increase in time and quality are the same. Increasing time  reduced budget and quality are the same.

Quality increasing increase

The low cost is estimated at tk 3,000 how many may be a fan of the pages?


– The fact that it explicitly does not have many fans. If the target is not only in Bangladesh, the estimated cost of 5 cents for each click or some less-than (Jan 2014) of the 600/700 will turn visitors to your page. Visitor who will like your page, they like to be a fan. Do not take it like that, he ‘likes’ will.

Well, actually I do not know the exact number of pages is the picture?

Yes, it is known. It is Facebook report.

I would like to add during the Top Up my credit if I need to?

– We can take to increase the budget by making payments at any time. We charge tk 100 for every dollar. 50 dollars and 100 dollars in 5000 to 10 per thousand,doller, taka, rs andother currency

I would like to add on Facebook. What should I do now?

– If your organization is like a Facebook page, if you do not need to have at least one website. Ad sizes are listed above. Title 5 of the characters and a maximum of 90 characters can be picture. These estimates, including white space. Bring to the picture image. We are not a company. It’s purely a personal initiative. If you want to advertise with me or you can contact the Office Hour. I am from Dhaka Japan Garden City. 100 rupees per dollar as the budget will give the money to advertise. Going beyond survival to add any money will be refunded. Facebook pages for me to add to your pages will. Ad 1200 X 628 pixels for the text 90 characters and images

(Text: 90 characters, Image Specs: 1200x628px [for website ad]; 1200x444px [for fan page ad]) will be. Facebook started writing for the photo size and the amount of detailed information can be found at this link.

Pay per click is how much you rate the bidding for the impression of passing the 600-700 times that you click or not to guarantee imprisoner 1 lakh times?

– I said that I can guarantee that the number of clicks or imprisoner not. The numbers that I should have come to this point. The cost is $ 0.05 to $ 0.04, as in the case of clicks. And from $ 0.05 to $ 0.08 in the bid. The cost is $ 0.000014 imprisoner the little ones. But not everyone sees that Facebook users have the 5 to 10 times more than 1 million times in every impression will be increasing this number. In this case, I am normally bid $ 0.05 to $ 0.03. Facebook is usually the case when making bids Ad, I am with him in the middle.

75 dollar money. Why are you taking tk 100?

Facebook is a professional service, not only to sell the dollar. Pricing rate of the dollar over the first ones to bring ideas. The other companies were enclosed in a different way, or the like, such as the cost-per-click, etc. 5 money. But this rule for clarity nowadays almost everyone has started to use it. Here we have tried to give a flat rate. The dollar cost of money + bank charges + maintenance costs + profit us to have everything. Different ways to calculate these rates than the US dollar, as it can easily be calculated as the picture in any budget.

You seem a little morelittle. I am a low-income entrepreneur / student / far am – I can be a little discount?

With possible discount rate has been determined. No discount is not possible for us to ask.

I’m a big budget (eg $ 1000), a campaign like this, you can put a little less service charges?

With possible discount rate has been created. So, too, despite the lower cost than is possible for us to provide a quality service. If you still want to have a lower cost of your campaign will advise us of any other person / organization for the help.

You a lot more, I did not like. I cannot find anyone else who has this kind of service?

Online Advertising is many people who are in the service; many new types of services provided at the start. Here’s what I have to look up some. We hope it will be useful.





We would like to talk with you face to face, you can come to our office?

This service is intended to meet face to face for the fact that I do not feel the need. However, if you want to see me come to my address. If you meet the requirements, and if you want yours to me that I should go to your office, then I’ll explain the whole thing to a charge of site visits (1500) in advance of the travel time for me to do (only applicable for the city). This fee is paid in advance to inform me of the time I explained the whole thing is estimated to cost the?

Add the two options is making. Convenient billing options from which you can choose.

Estimates click (CPC): When a Facebook user clicks on your advertisement see, then Facebook will charge.

Imprisoner estimates (CPM): Facebook, how many times did you add those as well. Money-digit numbers are very small, because it is calculated per 1000 imprisoned.